FAQ – Funkenschlag – Erweiterung Benelux/Zentraleuropa

Game Board Benelux:
There is some confusion about the location of several cities in the different areas of the game board “Benelux”. Especially far down in the south is a region with only 1 city (the Principality Luxembourg). How do you use the different areas in a game of Funkenschlag?

Answer: The south of Belgium (dark blue area) and the Principality Luxembourg (purple area) are only one area regarding the game. This results in a “normal” area with 7 cities: Luxembourg, Arlon, Liège, Namur, Charleroi, Mons and Bruxelles. The different colors are only used, because these two regions are sovereign states and only showing it via the borderlines was in our opinion not enough.
Maastricht is part of the yellow area (south of the Netherlands).

Question: In Step 1 and 2 during phase 5 (Bureaucracy) the smallest Power Plant is removed additionally from the Power Plant Market. Exactly when is this Power Plant removed (before or after the biggest Power Plant is placed below the Draw Pile regarding the Basic Rules)?

Answer: The smallest Power Plant is simultaneously removed from the Power Plant Market together with the biggest Power Plant. The smallest Power Plant is removed from the game, the biggest is placed below the Draw Pile. Not until then the empty spaces are refilled with new Power Plants from the Draw Pile and all Power Plants are rearranged regarding their size.

Game Board Central Europe:

Question: The rules mention the fact that a player can only buy a Nuclear Power Plant if he has at least a city connected in Hungary, Czech Republic or Slovakia. Can he only power the cities in these regions with his Nuclear Power Plant? Or can he power any city in his network with this Power Plant?

Answer: The player can power any city in his network with a Nuclear Power Plant, even cities in Poland and Austria. The restriction is only valid for buying a Nuclear Power Plant.

FAQ – Version 1.0, 03/06/07