The cat in the sack

Author: Friedemann Friese
Graphics & Design: Lars-Arne „Maura“ Kalsuky

# of players:
Age: 8+
Playing time: 20 minutes

Who does not know the colloquial expression „Buying the cat in the sack“ („buying a pig in a poke“)? In this game you can experience the meaning of this expression yourself. A group of cats wants new owners, but these lucky people do not know if they get some sweet pussycats or one or more mean old cats. Sometimes only a dog is helpful, who chases the unwanted cats away. But then too many dogs are worse, too, because they only think about chasing themselves away. A mean bluffing game with many interesting decisions.
  Idea of the game
With their mice, the players attempt to grab the famous cat in the sack. In the sack, there are both good and bad cats. Each player can also put a do gor rabbit into the sack instead of a cat, allowing players to bluff one another. At game end, all positive cats and mice count plus points, but negative cats count minus points.
- 55 playing cards
- 1 start player marker
- 76 mice money
- 1 rules booklet


„I love the game! Without exception it is my favorite game in the quick, light, FUN category. I won´t ever have to find a space for it on my game shelf – it will permanently live in the game bag that I take to every game night. The game is based on a common colloquial expression (in English it is „buying a pig in a poke“/“buying a cat in the sack“) and the theme is a perfect match to the game play. Can you read your opponents? Are you willing to risk it all on the cat in the bag? You´ll have to make your investments before you´ll see what you get! Win or lose, with Filou you can´t blame it on the luck, this game is pure strategy packed into a delightful 20 minutes.“,
Valerie Putman, BGN Kolumnistin, Columbus/Ohio