Finstere Flure
A monstrous game

Author: Friedemann Friese
Graphics & Design: Lars-Arne „Maura“ Kalsuky

# of players: 2-7
Age: 10+
Playing time: 45 minutes
It was fabulous! Fearlessly, you found the three fetishes in the Finnish fjord. With lightfooted and foxy feints you ferry the fetishes to prince Fieso in France to free the fascinating faerie Fabula. But Fieso is not fond of foreigners, what a fiasco! You land freezing and foolishly find yourself trapped in a frightful fortress with fearsome floors. Now you must flee Fiesos trap. Furunkulus, the monster, is a frightening freak, especially fond of foolish foreigners. He will feed on you if he is able. So you want to fool Furunkulus and flee to freedom.

Idea of the game
Finstere Flure is a race game, where the players both try to be as fast as possible to reach the exit and to avoid the frightening monster Furunkulus, so he cannot catch them. With clever tricks the players try to move the monster, so for the own delight it catches the other players.
In the basic version of the game the players can hide behind stones and increase their movement by sliding over blood pools. In the expert game additional crystal stones, turning stones and teleporters can be used, too. Plan your moves carefully, so you can flee the fortress before the monster catches you!

- 1 game board
- 17 floor tiles
- 8 monster movement tiles
- 25 playing figures in 7 colors
- 1 monster building kit


Media response:
„Finstere Flure as Game of the Year, we would be fascinated.“ Eberhard von Staden, Spielbox 1/2004
„Finstere Flure is a really good but mean game.“ Martin Wehnert, Oberhessische Presse, 6.3.2004
„Finstere Flure surely belongs to the best games this year.“ Karsten Peters, Coburger Tageblatt, 3.4.2004