Funkenschlag – promo-card Transfomer Station

The small expansion for Spiel ’09 in Essen

Author: Friedemann Friese

Graphics & Design: Maura Kalusky

Important: This expansion is only pplayable with a copy of Funkenschlag!

The Transormer Station will be exclusively distributed at the game show in Essen in October 2009. Left over copies will be given to game store owners as free give-aways in their stores.

Game rules:

- After preparing the power plant market at the beginning of the game the Transformer Station is shuffled in the pile of remaining power plants.

- When the Transformer Station is drawn, it will be immediately auctioned to the players regardless of the actual phase. After the auction draw an additional power plant as replacement and place it into the market.

- The leading player starts the auction by either passing or biddding at least 10 Elektro. The players continue the auction in clockwise direction until all but one passed.

-The highest bidder pays his money and immediately connects the Transformer Station to one of his power plants by placing it below this plant. During phase 5 (Bureaucracy) this power plant supplies one additional city when producing electricity.

- If a player decides to discard the power plant (because he bought a fourth power plant) he also discards the Transformer Station.

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